For Clubs

For small and medium sized clubs that do not have the resources or time to invest in properly growing the tennis clubs’ membership base and coaching programme, we have experience in delivering this service to clubs across the South East and South West. Ultimately we increase revenues for your club by creating and running a fully-managed coaching programme on your behalf.

The process of working with your club runs as follows:

  • An initial meeting to discuss what you want your club to achieve

  • Recruitment of the correct coach or coaching team

  • Development and management of the coaching programme

  • Includes: development of coaching sessions, dealing with parents and juniors, promotion and marketing of the coaching programme

  • Development of school links within the area

  • Development of cardio tennis, munchkins, tots tennis, mini tennis, team tennis,beginner adult groups, intermediate adult groups, internal and external tournament schedules.

Over the last four years we have worked with a number of clubs to develop their programmes and increase revenues and we are proud that the clubs continue to grow with more and more adults and children participating in our fantastic sport!